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Sd drives make their mark in the hard disk dominated world

A solid state drive is essentially a device that stores data using solid state memory. The difference between a solid state drive and a regular hard drive is that in a traditional computer hard drive there are movable read/write heads and spinning discs which, when jostled can create many problems up to and including losing the data stored on it. A solid state storage is generally much less susceptible to being dropped and jostled around. They are also much quieter and faster than a traditional hard drive. While there are very many “pluses” to having a solid state drive, there are also a few cons, the first simply being that they are not very cost effective if you’re looking for a cheap way to store memory, and most of them are typically under 100 gigabytes, which with all new technologies coming out and being large memory consumers, isn’t helpful.

The best thing about the solid state storage is, and will continue to be portability. They tend to be much smaller in size in comparison to a regular hard drive so they are able to be placed into devices such as cameras and mp3 players and tablet computers such as the iPad. The general consensus among computer enthusiasts appears to be that the smaller a device the better, making the flash memory [or solid state drive] option much more viable with computers and cameras and cell phones becoming smaller, thinner and more compact. The fact that they are so resilient to sudden jolts makes them the obvious choice for such portable items as we all know people tend to get careless and clumsy when using one device for an extended period of time.

In conclusion, it is the hope of many that computer technology will continue on in the quick and efficient fashion that it has done over the past ten or so years, eventually leading to the technology that will allow us to replace the hard drive you currently find in a computer with a higher capacity; more resilient; faster and quieter type of memory which will undoubtedly be found with solid state storage of the future.

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